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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you deliver

Major priority of our delivery is within all over Nepal and all part of Syndey. But if you want to get your item outside mentioned area then you can contact us and we will contact courier services to deliver your package.

How long it take to get my delivery

If you are withing Sydney then you can expect your package withing 2 days. If you are in Nepal, it will depend upn the area you live in as delivery to major area of city is quick (within 3 days) than area far from major city.

Can I order my custom design

Of course you can. Infact we are happy to design what you want to wear. You can order us your design, cloth type, colour and so on via our facebook inbox. Just to remind, custom design may take upto a week to get ready.

Can I expect some discount

Unless you are ordering in bulk, it is understandable that you may expect discount but we belive we are keeping the price according to the cost of manufacture and our effort. But we are open to negotiation if you are ordering in bulk.

Where can I get more details about an item

Visit our site and click on the product name you wish to get details of. If that is not enough for you you can check our pinterest board or facebook page where we put more images and video clips. Furthermore, we are always happy to talk.


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